Older Adults

The population of elders needing assistance is growing rapidly, with the population of Richmond-area residents aged 65 and older projected to increase by almost 30% in the next two decades. Over 27% of Virginians over 65 years of age live alone. Just under 8% live below the poverty level and 22% have annual incomes under $20,000. Women and people of color are disproportionately represented among those facing financial burdens. Over the last two years, the Schaberg Foundation has partnered with Richmond Memorial Health Foundation to understand the needs of older adults in the Richmond region. We have held listening sessions with nonprofit providers, members of the academic community, municipal officials, and community leaders; mapped the region’s older adult services landscape; and conducted relevant research. Based on this work, we have identified four areas of focus:
• Advancing the home care profession
• Building a center of gravity for the older adult services ecosystem
• Developing a vehicle for advocacy with and on behalf of older adults
• Digging deeper into the challenge of inadequate housing options for older adults

Partners include: Family Lifeline, Jewish Family Services, LeadingAge Virginia, Partnership for Housing Affordability, project:Homes, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation and Senior Connections.