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Funding Priorities

We believe that thoughtful investment in effective nonprofits and institutions can lead to a better future for individuals, families and our community.

Affordable and safe housing
   • Homeless prevention, emergency shelter and rapid rehousing
   • New or improved permanent housing for the low-income, elderly and disabled.

Stabilization and workforce development for vulnerable populations
   • Access to basic human needs
   • Family support and parenting skills
   • Self-sufficiency skills, reading, financial and digital literacy
   • A coordinated system of employment readiness, counseling, training and placement.

Services that allow children to become successful learners
   • Early childhood programs
   • In-school support
   • After-school academic support and enrichment opportunities
   • College and career readiness.

Successful systems to serve vulnerable populations
   • Community engagement and education
   • Advocacy and policy development
   • Service provider networks, collaborative programs and community coalitions
   • Schaberg Fund Initiatives.

Capacity building resources that strengthen nonprofits and their leadership
   • Professional development and training for staff and board
   • Planning including strategic and fund development
   • Evaluation, IT and marketing services.

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