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Funding Priorities

1.  Affordable and safe housing
     • Homeless prevention, emergency shelter and rehousing
     • New or improved permanent housing for the low-income, elderly and disabled
     • Affordable housing innovation
     • Affordable housing education and policy advocacy.

2.  Stabilization and workforce development       
     • Access to basic human needs
     • Mental health, family and parenting services
     • Self-sufficiency competencies including reading, financial and digital literacy
     • A system of employment readiness, counseling, training and placement
     • An aligned network of service providers that includes the elderly, refugees and immigrants.

3.  Services that help children become successful learners
     • Early childhood programs
     •.Child protection and mental health services
     • In-school and after-school support and enrichment
     • College and career readiness
     • Community education, advocacy and policy development.


The Foundation will also make grants to nonprofits of interest to the founders and as designated by the Board.

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