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Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg have always shared an interest in the community. They met in 1983 at the Richmond First Club, a civic group that supports better metropolitan government. Bob was president of AMURCON of Virginia, a developer of low and moderate income housing, and Anna Lou was Coordinator of Programs for Gifted with Richmond Public Schools. They married in 1986.

In 1990, Bob formed the Virginia Nonprofit Housing Coalition, a 501(c) 3 corporation with a charitable purpose. When Anna Lou retired in 2000, she became Executive Director of the grant and gift programs while Bob continued to manage the corporation assets and oversaw finances. In 2019 the nonprofit became the Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation.

The mission of the Schaberg Foundation is to enable vulnerable populations to thrive. Funding priorities include affordable housing, stabilization and workforce development, services that enable children to become successful learners and effective systems to serve these populations. Proposals can be made for general operations, projects, capacity building or capital support. All giving programs are by invitation only to eligible 501 (C) (3) nonprofits.

Over time the Foundation has become a thought partner in the nonprofit community and has encouraged collaboration around critical issues. It has established initiatives in affordable housing, workforce development, refugee services, and community engagement. Recognizing that the health of nonprofits is critical, the Schaberg Foundation is also committed to building the capacity of its partners. In 2020, it awarded gifts, grants, and capacity building support to over seventy area nonprofits.

In addition to the foundation’s focus on community, the founders also have interests in selected cultural institutions, medical research and higher education. Bob is a graduate of Michigan State University,  Anna Lou of Virginia Commonwealth University.

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